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  Playing Strategy

A players strategy at almost any casino game is a setting of rules where the outcome depends on certain patterns.

A strategy profile, is a set of strategies that can work together.
A strategy should be infinitive
in order to...
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Poker Card Games

Poker is a big group of cardgames which all has an element of betting.
Poker is often played in a so called Poker room
There are common rules on "real" poker games. All of those are games where you bet
money on the one that have or can get the best combination of cards.
Which combinations of cards and what type of bets can differ between different type
of games.
Poker games is very often a "game of skill" and there are poker tournaments
around the world.
You can play poker on a casino or on online casinos.

In a set of cards we will find those cards:
A = Ace
K = King
Q = Queen
K = Jack

A game of poker is a card game that consists of bets between 2 or more players.
You play with an ordinary french-english set of cards.
The card Ace is valued as the largest and lowest number of all.

Common combinations of cards:

Straight flush

 5 cards in a row (same color)

Four of a kind

 4 cards of same value.

Full house

 3 cards of same value and a pair.


 5 cards in the same color.


 5 cards in a row.

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